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Best matched betting sites reviewed

Our free guide to matched betting covers the basics but paid sites can take it to the next level. We review Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey.
matched betting review

As the method of profiting from matched betting has become more popular over the last 5 years, there are dozens of paid matched betting services springing up to support the community.

Many come and go, some are a scam and most are a total waste of time and money.

However there are a couple that do deliver on the modest subscription costs, and have proven to be a big help to many in avoiding mistakes and missing out on new offers. It's only these sites that we'll review and compare here, having subscribed to them all.

Benefits of paid matched betting services

Ultimately, you only want to be paying for a premium service if it increases your profit from matched betting or saves a lot of time.

All the sites below will do both, so if you're serious about making the most money it is worth subscribing to one.


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Generally speaking, the main benefits of paying for a matched betting service are:

  • Live oddsmatchers
  • Latest reload offers (which you may otherwise miss)
  • Automated calculations
  • Personalised tracking
  • Detailed guides, tutorials and videos
  • Private forums and community
  • 1-on-1 support

Review of matched betting sites

We have used and tested all the services reviewed on this page. Each site has its key strengths, so it depends on what you value most.

For example, some newbies may prefer tutorials whereas more experienced matched bettors may be after advanced software and tools.

  1. OddsMonkey

    Most established and the developers of the first oddsmatcher software.

    OddsMonkey Review

    What is OddsMonkey?

    OddsMonkey started life many years ago focusing on building oddsmatching software. In April 2016 they relaunched their website to extend their offering and enter the matched betting 'full service' space.

    Key benefits

    - Daily offer calendar
    - Array of software and tools: Oddsmatcher, dutching, Racing Matcher, Tennis Matcher, Each Way Matcher, Acca Matcher
    - Spreadsheets (currently 15 available to download)
    - Active forum
    - Intuitive design
    - Free 30 minute 1-to-1 session with an OddsMonkey instructor


    - Lacking on casino and bingo offers
    - No weekly offers email
    - No offer tracking or guided flows


    Free trial, £19.99 a month or £180 for the year.

    OddsMonkey review

    A great all-round matched betting website with plenty of tools targeted at the more advanced matched bettors.

    OddsMonkey have had over 30,000 customers over the past five years and provide the opportunity to earn ongoing money from matched betting with all the bits of matching software and reload offers OddsMonkey provide.

    Visit OddsMonkey »

  2. Profit Accumulator

    Largest matched betting forums and most video tutorials.

    profit accumulator review

    What is Profit Accumulator?

    Started by Sam Stoffel as a student, Profit Accumulator (PA) has grown to become the biggest matched betting service with over 20,000 active customers.

    Key benefits

    - The forum is Profit Accumulator's biggest strength
    - Breadth of offers covered
    - Training content (currently 16 guides & 10 videos)
    - Advanced tools - eg. Match Catcher and Acca Catcher
    - Nine specific calculators
    - Spreadsheets


    - More expensive than OddsMonkey
    - Relatively basic website interface
    - Limited number of tools
    - Forum moderators can be heavy handed


    Free trial, £29.99 per month or £199 for the year.

    Profit Accumulator review

    Profit Accumulator is a clean no-nonsense website but packed with easy to understand instructions for each offer listed.

    Until recently, one downside was you needed several windows open to use their oddsmatcher separately to the written and video guidance. However they now have a new extension for Chrome users that makes this a lot easier.

    When it comes to Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey it's becoming a more level playing field. If it's an active and large community you value more then Profit Accumulator is a good option.

    Sign up to Profit Accumulator »

Which matched betting site is best?

It depends! As we've seen in the reviews both win in different areas (such as forum vs software) and offer slightly varied matched betting services.

There's no harm in trying each of them to see which one you like best, especially if you can get a free trial.

If you're just starting out with matched betting, make sure you understand the concept itself first as most of these sites are a step up from the basics.

We recently started a matched betting Facebook Group too, click here to request to join it.


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