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What is the best e-reader?

student ebook readersMore and more students are embracing the e-reader. You may have seen people walking around your student halls or on the bus to university reading a book on a thin little tablet.

This review is here to tell you what an e-reader is, how it can help with your studies (if at all) and then a look at what is the best e-reader out there. Our friendly e-reader comparison will make sure that you make a good consumer choice.

What is an e-reader?

You may be aware of a few common e-reader brands such as Amazon Kindle or the Kobo e-book reader. Basically, if you aren't in the know, it's a small digital tablet that can be used to read books that you have downloaded from the internet. They allow you to read and download books on the go all on a small compact device.

Why you would want an e-reader instead of a simple iPad? Well, there are lots of reasons people choose e-readers. They are cheaper, lighter, have a longer battery life and have the right image size.

You pay a one off fee to buy an e-reader and then you pay for each book you download. Obviously the cost of an e-book will vary but the majority are around £8-10.

How can an e-reader be useful for students?

You may be wondering why all of this means anything to you. Why would a student want to spend around £100 on an e-reader when you could just get textbooks for free from the library.

The fact of the matter is that e-readers are still a new phenomenon. There are some universities around the country that are currently testing out e-readers in the library. You can also currently download some textbooks in digital form.

If you are a lover of fiction then an e-reader such as a Kindle can be great. Below are some reasons why an e-reader may be better than a book (not that we have anything against hard copies):

  • Lightweight - You can use your e-reader anywhere you want and it's thinner and more lightweight than carrying around 100 books on your bag!
  • Ease of use - The interface is so easy to use and the screen is not affected by the sun.
  • Environmentally friendly - There is no need to cut down a tree to print an e-book.

In the future, universities will most likely move towards the digital e-reader and e-books as it is an easy and cheap way for every student on the course to be able to read the recommended literature. Think of all the times you have traveled to the library only to find out that the books you wanted have been taken out. With an e-reader you could sit at home, press download and then start reading.

There are downsides to e-readers though. You can't write notes on your brand new Kindle unless you want to ruin it. Also, there are a number of key texts and journals not available for download. Lastly, referencing an e-book in an essay is not as easy as a good old fashioned hard copy.

Overall, an e-reader is great for students if you enjoy reading fictional and popular texts. We would not recommend using an e-reader simply for your course (unless your lecturer suggests).

What is the best e-reader?

There are 3 main brands of e-readers out there but what is the best e-reader? We took some time to do some research on each and find out which one is best for you (so you don't have to). The more time we save you the more time you have to download and read books.

Cost: ~£89 | Rating: 5/5

Kindle review for students

Amazon Kindle ReviewThe Amazon Kindle is probably the most widely known e-reader out there. This is the cheapest model and it has an impressive 6" screen, weighs just 170 grams. What's more, this model has built in WiFi which means that wherever you can connect you can download books.

The majority of people that use this device give it great reviews because of the easy navigation and simple design. It fits in your pocket and can store a whopping 1,400 e-books.

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Cost: ~£70 | Rating: 4/5

Kobo e-reader review

Kobo ereader reviewYou may have seen the Kobo e-reader on the WHSmith adverts. It's probably the number 1 choice to rival the Amazon Kindle. It is the cheapest of the e-readers and weighs around 221 grams. It comes with less storage than the Amazon Kindle at around 1GB but it is the most affordable.

The Kobo e-reader may not be quite as good as the Kindle but it is definitely a more affordable alternative.

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Cost: ~£100 | Rating: 2/5

Sony PRS 350 e-reader review

sony-reader-prs-350-reviewSony are less known for making e-readers and they are not quite there yet. It boasts a 5" display and 2GB memory but a more clunky design than the Kobo and Kindle. The price has been slashed recently but it is still the most expensive of the three cheaper e-readers on offer.

The downside to the Sony e-reader is that there is no WiFi available meaning that you can't simply download books on the go.

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This should help you to make the right decision when choosing which e-reader you want to get. If you are a fan of reading then it could be well worth it but maybe leave it a few years before you can start using your e-reader to get text books.


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