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Watch the London 2012 Olympics for Free!

London 2012 Free Olympic EventsWatching Usain Bolt at the 2012 London Olympics is a staggering £75/second for some people. The majority of students could not even dream of affording this and seeing as the majority of tickets are sold out, we wanted to give you a guide on how you could still get involved and watch the London 2012 Olympics for free!

As you may know (because of all the hype that is building up) the London Olympics will be running from 25th July – 12th August and there are a couple of events that you can watch for completely free if you know where to stand and when.

We all know you can watch the Olympics for free on your trusty TV but it's not quite the same as getting down to London and soaking in the atmosphere and going mad for Great Britain (waving flags and all that). It's just the issue of getting there (check out our cheap student train travel).

So, if you missed out on tickets, or simply couldn't afford them then here is your full guide to watching the Olympics for completely free, nada, nout, zilch!..

Free events at the London 2012 Olympics?

Unfortunately there are no free events in any of the stadiums for the Olympics but most of the events that are to be run on the streets of London are available to view for free!

Men's and Women's marathons

Watch Olympics Marathon FreeThe women's marathon is on the 5th August 2012 and will run a route around London. You will be able to watch the marathon at any point along the track except the finish line at The Mall. Our top tip is to find a pub along the route and chill in the beer garden while you watch the athletes put in all the work.

The same applies for the men's marathon event which you can watch for free on the 12th August.

Men's and Women's Walking

Watch Olympics Walking FreeTo be 100% honest we aren't really sure how exciting the walking events will be but if it's your thing then you should definitely get involved with cheering on a load of waddling athletes at the top of their walking game (I bet a trip to the shops doesn't take them long).

To watch the walking Olympic events for free you just need to follow the same rules as the marathon. The women's walking event is on the 11th August and the men's is on the 4th.

Cycling Road Races

Watch Olympics Cycling FreeThe cycling road races will probably flash past your eyes but they are a great free event to watch at the Olympics. When you see a group race past together it might give you a rush of excitement.

The cycling will take a similar route to the marathon and will occur on the 28th August for men and the 29th August for the women's event. As with the marathon, you can watch this Olympic event for free everywhere except the finishing like at The Mall.

Watch the Triathlon for free

Watch Olympics Triathlon FreeThe Triathlon is probably one of the most exciting free Olympic events on offer. If you didn't know, the Triathlon consists of a swim, cycle and a run (sounds like hard work).

The women's triathlon takes place on the 4th August and the men's on the 7th. Below is a list of locations where you can watch the Triathlon for free. Just be aware that some of these places will have access restricted and shut off for the course so double check a few days before to see where the route is.

  • The Wellington Arch
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Serpentine Bridge
  • Hercules Monument

Other free Olympic events

If this still hasn't whet your appetite then you may be interested in a couple of free trial and ranking Olympic events. The cycling time trial is on the 1st August at Hampton Court Palace and is probably well worth a gander if you are in London town around then.

Watch the Olympics on a Big Screen in your city

You can also watch the 2012 London Olympic games for free on a big screen in your local city. 22 official BBC big screens will be set up around the country so that people can join together and watch the games.

Check if your local city is below:

Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Derry, Dover, Edinburgh, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea, Swindon, Waltham Forest & Woolwich will be housing the free big screens this summer.

For more information on where to watch the Olympics for free on a big screen in your city see here.

Also, if you like, you can head down to your local Vue cinema to catch some of the free action.

Get a student job at the Olympics

You could work at the London Olympics this summer and you might possibly see some of certain events (but we couldn't promise anything).

To find out more about jobs at the Olympics you just need to follow the link here.

So there you have it. A list of all the free events at the 2012 London Olympics. If you choose to go or not or even watch the Olympics for free on TV we hope you enjoy it. There are some Olympics haters out there but sometimes it's nice to get caught up in the spirit (even if it's just a tiny bit).

If you want to find out more about London or see the sites while you watch your free Olympics events then be sure to check out our very own London Student City Guide!


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