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Stay warm on the cheap this winter

A few quick tips on keeping warm during the harsh UK winters without breaking the bank!Keeping Warm in Winter

If you live in student housing, you're probably well aware of how cold those shoddy old things get... You're probably also very aware of the high costs of heating your house.

But, you shouldn't have to rely on central heating to keep warm this winter – follow these few tips in order to keep warm at a low cost, whilst helping the environment (and those lovely polar bears)!

  1. Buy a onesie

    onesiesThere are so so so many types out there and they are ever so comfortable. Not to mention they keep you nice and snug on those cold winter nights (and lazy winter days).

    Ones with hoods are particularly cosy to wrap up in. They're relatively cheap (£10+) and last such a long time. Onesies are also good for fancy dress events or days when you just want to slop about. It's an investment you won't regret!

  2. Drink hot chocolate

    Hot ChocolateNothing like hot chocolate, marshmallows and whipped cream to keep you going after a long day at uni. It's warm, it's tasty and it's pretty cost effective.

    Sure, a lot of hot chocolates are expensive, but even the costly ones are often on offer and supermarket own brands won't even cost you a pound.

  3. Do some exercise

    ExerciseIf you're feeling a bit guilty after all your hot chocolate drinking and over indulging at Christmas, exercising in your room is an excellent way to keep warm this winter.

    Just find a free fitness video online and exercise away! Aerobics and high energy exercises are particularly good for this.

    Do about 20-30 minutes each time and you'll feel hotter, livelier and healthier than if you just sat around feeling sorry for yourself in the cold.

  4. Go to the library

    Library WarmthA good reason to go to the library and do some work is it will be WARM in there. Central heating will be on and you won't have to pay for any of it!

    So, go on, get your books out and go to the library to keep warm this winter.

  5. Get a blanket

    Warm BlanketHaving a duvet is fine, but for those really cold nights, you need a blanket.

    They're nice to snuggle up in and are wonderful for keeping you toasty on those cold nights and easy to throw over yourself in any room during the day.

  6. Buy a bathrobe and some slippers

    BathrobeProbably the best invention ever... the bathrobe! Nothing is better than putting on a big, thick, woolly, soft, comfy, cosy bathrobe. They're fairly cheap and easy to wear at any time.

    Throw it over your normal outfit after a busy day, or wrap up in it whilst you're in your pyjamas on one of those cold, frosty mornings.

    Slippers are the second best invention ever. The worst feeling ever is the feeling of having cold feet, it can make the rest of you feel so so so much colder, so get some fluffy slippers and keep your toes toasty.

  7. Try a hot water bottle

    Hot Water BottleQuite an outdated idea, but hot water bottles are super for really cold evenings. You can get snazzy covers for them these days and even get ones that look like your favourite cartoon characters!

    Alternatively, there are “microwave teddys” that you put into the microwave for 2 minutes before bedtime and when you take them out they smell of lavender and are soft, warm and cuddly.

  8. Start the day with a warm breakfast

    Hot PorridgeA really cheap breakfast that will keep you nice and warm is porridge. Everywhere sells it and it's regularly on sale. Just add some milk and put in the microwave for a few minutes.

    It's a very versatile breakfast and you can put pretty much anything in with it, from berries and bananas to jam and peanut butter spread or even nuts and chocolate chips. It's a yummy, warming breakfast that will never get boring. Try it with a cup of tea or coffee for extra warmth.

  9. Have sleepovers with friends

    SleepoverGet all of your friends to bring their duvets, pillows, sleeping bags and blankets and have a sleepover with your mates. Order a pizza, buy a few drinks, stick on a film and have a fun night.

    It's a social, cheap way to stay warm this winter. Saving money and potentially saving you from the risk of getting a cold in comparison to if you went out.

  10. Cook a hearty meal

    Hearty MealNothing warms up the heart (and the stomach) like a good, hearty meal on a cold winter's night. Cook up a big (cheapish) meal like Shepard’s pie, Chilli con Carne or Spaghetti Bolognese and eat it after a cold walk home from uni.

    It's a good way to keep warm and eat cheaply this winter. Also, the heat from the oven when it's cooking should heat you up a fair bit.


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