30 of the laziest students ever known [PICS]

Students being lazy? Nope, can't say I've ever heard that one before.

But then I did stumble upon a few pieces of evidence which seem to suggest that a (very) small minority of students do have it in their power to be much lazier than most of us. Well at least they seem to be saving time and money…
Plug in or find another power source

Imagination not found

404 error costume

Take away?

freezer way to frozen

The clothes air lift

lazy hoover airlift

Save on dishes

cereal in a bag

Two birds, one stone

floor cleaning slippers

Why the hell not

ironing toast

It's the thought that counts

lazy birthday cake

Dubious structural engineering

lazy drinking

Chillin' out

cheap air con

Maybe it just makes life easier

lazy in the bathroom

Still does the job

lazy with the bog roll


unpack the damn chair!

Don't ask…


Fighting depreciation

unpacked doorstop

Drown your sorrows son

long straw drinking

It's ok to be lazy on holiday

lazy sun lounger

At least put the used roll on the floor first

toilet roll

Is he dead?

lazy pc in bed

B&W doesn't make you cool. Nor does that thing.

lazy smoking

TV remotes do exist

poke the tv

Actually, this isn't lazy. It's just greedy

breakfast in a lecture

Put the camera down, and don the marigolds

messy kitchen

Why wait?

noodle fan


piled up rubbish

Your father would be proud…

toilet rolls on floor

…ahhh ok. But you're still lazy

toilet paper mummy costume

I give up

sitting on unboxed chair

Makes a bit of sense

watching tv sideways

Who cares?

etc clock

At least cut off the handles…

funny pope costume

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