Working abroad for the summer

Working abroad during the summer break as a student can provide a welcome dose of sun, sea and hopefully a bit of money! It’s something that many students consider as an extended holiday and an experience that is best had before the years of financial responsibility.

Making the decision to head out for the summer is the easy part but it can be overwhelming when faced with such a wide range of options. From working in American summer camps to teaching English in a school in Thailand, the opportunities are endless.

We’ve put together a brief guide to the different jobs you could consider to help you work out which option will provide you with the summer of a lifetime.

Casual work

It might sound a bit risky but the amount of jobs out there means that buying a one way ticket and searching for a job when you get out there is actually a decent strategy.

It certainly cuts out a lot of the planning that might be required for other jobs. Many go out on holiday with their friends leaving things open-ended so they can stay for longer if they find work.

Budget airlines fares mean that it shouldn’t break the bank if you have to book a last-minute flight home in the event of not being able to find work.

There is work available in nearly all sunny destinations but obviously more bar and ‘promo’ work will be on offer in places such as Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Malia and anywhere with a reputation for nightlife. There is also a growing trend for seasonal work in Ski resorts in Europe. This can offer a quieter and laid back alternative to bar work in the stereotypical clubbing destinations.

Rep jobs

holiday repsBeing a holiday rep allows you to spend a summer in the sun whilst working in a job that is worthy of including on your CV.

Bar work offers you a fun, less demanding summer and it is true that being a rep is hard work. Hours can vary from company to company but it isn’t usual to find you only have one to one and a half days off per week. The job requires good interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with demanding holiday makers (which isn’t always fun!).

There are a number of companies that offer seasonal holiday rep work, some less known than others. The big names of Thomson and Thomas Cook run their own schemes with opportunities to work in hotel entertainment teams as well. Other companies do exist and some may be less demanding than the big names.

It is worth checking out travel job sites such as Career in Travel who offer recruitment tips and vacancy information. Being a travel rep can be a gruelling job to take on but is rewarding and usually comes with free accommodation and other bonuses.

Teaching English

At the opposite end of the summer job spectrum is becoming an English teacher in countries in Asia, Africa or South America (a few European countries are involved too). It involves a lot of planning and you have to train to receive a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification. But if one summer job offers a rewarding experience, and one that is brilliant to include on your CV, then this is it.

STA Travel has a great guide to teaching English in foreign schools and offers a lot of help in getting onto appropriate courses and finding suitable jobs in the country you want to go to.

There’s more…

You didn’t think we were going to stop there did you?

Are you sporty?

Being a coach or instructor is a great way of pairing up your interests with a money-making summer. If you’re heading to a good surfing spot then becoming an instructor is an option. Football coaching and life guarding are other common jobs that friends of mine have taken in recent summers.

Thinking of future employment?

Summer is a brilliant time to get going on getting ahead in your future career. Going to get work experience abroad (some are paid but most are unpaid) can be a great way of adding something really interesting to your CV. In a way it is similar to a placement in the UK but by heading abroad you can get a whole new experience.

It shows your ability to adapt to new cultures and as they say… travel broadens the mind.

Want to be different?

Consider doing something you are never likely to do again like fruit picking in France or helping to build a school in Sudan.

You could pick up skills that you never knew you had.

All of these jobs and more are a perfect way of making the most out of your summer break and creating amazing memories. It is important to push yourself and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, only then will you get the best experience.

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