Free* EE Portable Charger

WARNING: If you already have an EE power bar read here now. They have all been recalled!

EE have launched their free ‘power bar’ for EE customers, including those who have had PAYG for 3 months or more.

Just text POWER to 365.

Texts will cost 35p.

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3 Responses to “Free* EE Portable Charger”

  1. Nick

    16. Oct, 2015

    Sorry but this is hardly “new” news.

    EE announced a recall of power bars with the code E1-06 in August and, as this affected over 1 million power bars EE SUSPENDED the offer.

    A quick Google search would have told you that Jane (and would have taken you less time than it took you to type your post!).

    EE are planning to relaunch the power bar programme but no date has been set as yet.

    For the moment you will NOT be able to get one for free from EE but you can buy similar or better online for around £10.

  2. Jane

    06. Oct, 2015

    i had ordered a free power bar charger, which they had sent me to be collected from argos in leistershire ????? I live in Manchester I was not traveling to collect it and when I called them the following day to get it sent to a nearer store it had already been sent back, and they couldn’t send stock to another store anyway? So I sent you an e-mail in which I have had no response? I have since tried to re-order my free power bar three times and been un successful, do your customers get them or not? I know about the recall but if everyone has been as unsuccessful as me there won’t be many to recall. Surly the problem has been sorted by now and if my phone battery wasn’t so rubbish I wouldn’t need one. Can you tell me what is going on and am I going to get a power bar from you ?

    • Jake Butler

      08. Oct, 2015

      Hi Jane, sorry to hear you are having a few issues. It’s worth noting that we aren’t EE and therefore don’t supply the power bars ourselves. We are simply a deals website that highlights 100s of deals a day. I would suggest contacting EE directly.


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