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6 things you could buy instead of an iPhone 7

Are you feeling the hype of the iPhone 7 release? Stop. Step away from the queue: here’s what your bucks could buy you instead.
how to buy new iphone 7Credit: iphonedigital – Flickr
The new iPhone 7 is here and, according to all the PR guff, is about to change your life in a way unimaginable since… the iPhone 6S just a year ago. Fancy getting your hands on one? You might just want to read this, first.

An unlocked 32GB model costs £599 from the Apple Store (they decided to abandon the 16GB model so 32GB is now as low as you can go), but that's a bridge too far for most students.

You can get it on contract (assuming you pass credit checks), but of course this will result in you paying way more in the end as providers charge considerable interest on your installments.

It would probably be a good idea get it insured too, since you're shelling out an arm and a leg!

How much does the iPhone 7 really cost?

waiting for my phone contract to endUnlike previous models, the cheapest way to shell out on your fancy iPhone 7 is actually to buy it directly through Apple.

For the 7, Apple have decided to offer an interest-free payment deal that works out way cheaper than any deals offered by mobile networks.

You just have to pay for a SIM-only contract with your network of choice in addition to the handset and your ready to roll – you'll find the best deals currently going on this page.

How it works

Apple's new payment's scheme, inventively dubbed 'iPhone Payments', is a handset-only interest-free payment option that you can use if buy your iPhone 7 from an Apple store rather than online.

When buying your handset, just let them know you want to pay for it via iPhone Payments and they'll set it up for you there and then.

The cheapest option available is the 32GB which can be paid for in 20 monthly installments of £27.50/ month plus a one-off upfront fee of £49.

Now, we’re not saying you shouldn't take the plunge and buy a new iPhone, but when money’s tight, it’s always worth kicking the cost into context…

6 things you can get for £599 or less

  1. A month and a half of rent

    Caravan roofCredit: Joost – Flickr
    With the average student rent pegged at £385 a month at the moment (and costs are rising…), for the cost of the iPhone 7 you could pay your way for an extra month and a half.

    Flipping that around – if you go for the phone, you’ve still got to find the cash to keep a roof over your head. Or, you could just do what this guy did and live in a tent in someone's garden for the year.

  2. 3 years of broadband

    SurferCredit: Kevin Cole- Flickr
    If accessing the internet from home isn’t just too 2014 for you, there are tons of student-friendly deals out there.

    We’ve found one deal with Sky that comes in at £218.75 all-in for the whole year. Yes, we know – this maths ain't right, right? But you'll likely be splitting the cost if you live with other students so it works out much cheaper OK!

  3. Four Samsung Galaxy J3s

    Red phone boxesCredit: Mark Hillary – Flickr
    Opt for Samsung's latest smartphone model, the Galaxy J3, and you could take home four handsets for the same price as one iPhone 7 (Tesco is currently selling handsets for £145)

    Having four phones is completely pointless, of course, but it's worth remembering that cheaper models don't have to be sneered at if they do the job!

Whether you're after an iPhone or vintage Nokia, compare the best mobile phone contracts using our handy tool.
  1. One YEAR of Nando's fine dining

    nandosbum At a tenner a pop for half a chicken and two sides, you could eat out at Nando's once a week for 52 weeks and still have bus fare for every visit.

    Or you could just chance your arm like this guy and get a tattoo in the hope of blagging some Nando's shaped freebies (disclaimer: it didn't work).

  2. A pedigree pup

    cute pugCredit: Kristin Shoemaker – Flickr
    If you want posh, you’ve got to pay for it. A Kennel Club registered puppy could be yours for a mere £630 – depending on the breed, of course.

    This might seem like a lot to shell out on a creature whose poop you'll have to pick up daily, but how can you resist a face like this and, unlike Siri, it’ll love you back.

  3. Second hand scooter

    buying a scooterFor the same price of a phone, you could get yourself a great set of wheels on eBay – there are heaps of secondhand mopeds and road scooters going for around the £600 mark, or even less.

    Not only would this save you cash (you could be saving on commuting costs, on rent by living with your folks or by choosing digs further out so it's cheaper – but no one is gonna deny how badass you look rocking up to lectures on one of these bad boys!

…Or how about not spending?

savemoneyInstead of parting with your £599, you could put it to work and see it lay many more golden coins over that time.

If you paid the monthly cash into a savings account instead, you'll be better off after the 20 months for zero effort – and you’d still have your £630 as well.

Or to really bring home the bacon, use your cash to start a businessstart a website or set up any kind of passive income stream.

We'll leave you with 14 essential tips for grabbing the best phone contract deal: read them, save on them, and make your money go further!

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