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Student’s guide to online food shopping

Doing your food shop online instead of hot-footing it to the supermarket does have its perks. Get the lowdown, plus which sites to get your weekly haul from.
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Doing your food shop online has plenty of benefits. For one, you needn't get your behind up off the couch to wander supermarket aisles – in fact, you can even do your entire week's shopping at home in your pyjamas!

Comfort aside, there's also far less chance of your stomach dictating what goes in your trolley, and you're not likely to be tempted by other stuff adorning the shelves which you definitely don't need.

It's much easier to stick to your shopping list when you're behind a screen, and it's all laid out in front of you in a marvellously organised fashion which is always nice!

But who is the best supermarket out there in the online grocery world? To help take away the stress and chore of researching, we've done the leg work for you right here.

You can still get your food shop cheaper online by opting for the supermarket downshift, and don't fall for these sneaky supermarket tricks they use to convince you to spend more!

Comparing prices

Online-Supermarket-ShoppingOK, before we go any further, it's worth pointing out that one of the biggest perks about shopping online for groceries is that it's super easy to compare prices before you buy.

MySupermarket is a site that allows you to compare the products you're buying from all the major supermarkets to see where you'll be able to grab it at the best price.

While you're shopping online, MySupermarket compares the price of your shop across stores, and if one comes up cheaper you can simply click to change.

MySupermarket then scans your shopping cart at online checkout and tries to find you cheaper alternatives.

For example, if you normally buy saver's toilet paper and the deluxe stuff is on offer (making it cheaper than your usual) then it will give you the option to upgrade. If you are looking to slim down then there's also a calorie checker available!

You can register for a free MySupermarket account here.

Where to get your online food shop

  1. Ocado

    OcadoGreener than a tree in Spring, Ocado is the Bob Geldoff of online grocery delivery services. And you get £20 off your first delivery, whichever sells it to you more!

    Their bags are 'closed loop' recycled (old plastic bags turned into new plastic bags), which means no new plastic was made and they're associated with non-profit organisations Peace One Day and Meat Free Monday.

    Ocado is closely associated with Waitrose and Morrison's, and you can buy products from either of these supermarkets through using Ocado online (although this is set to change slightly as Morrison's have just signed a contract with Amazon for their new supermarket delivery project, Amazon Fresh – read more here).

    Ocado also have an app so you can do all your shopping on your phone, and you can get 12 months' free delivery if you sign up to a Smart Card (although you have to pay for a these cards so it's only worth it if you plan on using Ocado a lot).

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  2. Sainsbury's

    SainsburysThe Sainsbury's motto is 'eat well for less,' and they're looking to help students eat better food at a lower cost.

    They have loads of great offers in their online store and you can search for them under the 'great offers' tab. This makes is simple to browse the offers. However, be careful not to buy anything that you wouldn't normally.

    Also, if you get yourself a Nectar card and gather points on that then you can get deals such as free Alton Towers tickets. As far as online shopping goes, Sainsbury's is pretty standard and the system is one of the easiest to use.

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  3. Tesco

    Collect Tesco Clubcard points and you'll be able to save towards air miles, as well as free meals and days out. Once you've gathered enough points, you'll also get vouchers posted to you for money off items they've noticed you buy frequently, which is handy!

    Tesco is always running a good student deal of some sort, which is perfect for a household of ravenous students always up for sniffing out a good bargain.

    There is also an auto shopping list function where you can type in your whole shopping list and Tesco will then suggest a whole list of products for you. We like this function, but it can throw up a few random items which means you will take more time trying to find them in the long run. Try it out here.

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  4. Asda

    Asda_Student_DealsYou know the advert, not the bum slapping one of old, but the mums comparing receipts from different stores. Well, it's not much different on the Asda online food store.

    The prices at Asda are extremely competitive and the quality isn't bad either. However, the user system is quite hard to use and can take a lot of time.

    Asda like to seriously shout about their deals so you won't be able to miss them when shopping online with them.

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If you are looking for any discounts on offer from these supermarkets such as 15% off your first shop or £10 off a £40 shop then a simple search in Google could help you. Just try searching for "Tesco discount code" for example.

You should also regularly take a look at our student deals section for the latest supermarket deals along with great cashback deals.

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