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Sam is studying English Literature at University of Manchester and joined Save The Student in November 2011. He has written previously for North West digital marketing agency LSS Interactive and wants to gain more journalistic experience here at Save The Student.

He s an avid reader and writer and also enjoys travelling and urban landscape photography.

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9 ways to earn money working abroad this summer

Top tips for students looking to work abroad this summer. If you are looking to get employment overseas then this article has a host of ideas as well as what you can expect.

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Getting a TV licence refund

Students are eligible for a TV licence refund for the months that they are not watching TV in their accommodation. Find out how to get a refund here.

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Government To Scrap Plan For Loan Repayment Penalty

Sam gives us the low down on Government plans to scrap a scheme that charges students who choose to repay their student loans early.

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Turn your old mobile phone into cash

Make the most money from selling your old mobile by using these tips. You could get up to £100 more than you thought.

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Understanding payday loans and knowing the alternatives

We take a look at the growing trend of payday loan companies targeting students and why you should avoid them at all costs.

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UK University To Open Thailand Campus

UCLAN is set to be the first UK university to open a university campus in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Sam has all the latest info on the proceedings.

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Loan Company Wonga Slammed For Targeting Students

Wonga has been heavily criticised for attempting to target students with their high interest loans.

Fortunately the page has now been removed amid the anger.

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9 myths about the new £9,000 a year fees

We expose and debunk the most common myths about the new student finance system.

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Students turning to prostitution

The NUS has reported that more and more students are turning to prostitution in order to fund the rising costs in education.

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Row Erupts Over Birmingham Protest Ban

A row has erupted over the banning of ‘occupation-style’ protests at the University of Birmingham after the passing of a high court injunction last week.

Is it right for universities to ban peaceful protests like this?

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Christmas Costs Average Student £140

Christmas will cost on average £161 for each student. This report takes into account Christmas gifts, Christmas dinner and Christmas decorations.

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Obama Effigy Burning Sparks Controversy

Conservative students in Scotland have sparked controversy after burning an effigy of the US President.

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