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Currently a 4th year English student at The University of Dundee where I have pitiful 6 hours of classes a week. I fill up my vast free time watching Come Dine With Me and playing The Sims. When I grow up I would like to get a job in Publishing, or Events or maybe Tourism…I haven’t decided yet

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What’s the average graduate salary for your degree?

A guide to current average salaries for entry-level graduate jobs dependent on degree discipline. Arm yourself with this knowledge to avoid undervaluing yourself!

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11 tips to save money on energy bills

Energy bills continue to soar and students are looking to save money on gas and electricity. Mariclaire takes a look at the best and cheapest ways to save money on your energy bills.

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Ultimate guide to charity shop shopping

Uninspired by what high streets have to offer these days? Charity shops are chock full of designer-labelled treasures just waiting to be discovered!

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