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16 tactics to maximise All You Can Eat buffets

All you can eat

Full strategy guide to getting the most out of an all you can eat buffet, including how to prepare, what to do when you get there and then how to ease the pain afterwards.

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15 things to remember before going home for Christmas


Going home for Christmas may be the first time that many people see their family since heading to uni! Make sure you are prepared for the return to the mothership.

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A guide to the best daily deals websites

Daily Deals Countdown

We look at daily deals websites and discover how, when and why to use them.

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Top 10 universities in the UK 2013/14

bath university

Find out if you go to one of the top universities in the UK, and find out about well known alumni.

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11 most unusual university degrees


A list of the top unusual University degrees in the UK. Find out if your degree is featured or if you would like to study any of them yourself.

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Save money on food

Masterchef Student

Your student loan is very unlikely to cover the cost of everyday living. And to make you even more depressed, […]

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