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Having spent six years of my life as a student (two of which was spent studying abroad), I’ve certainly learnt a thing or two along the way about making student finances stretch as far as possible. As Editor at Save the Student, I’m now focussing on passing on that knowledge as best I can.

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Government to introduce 2-year degrees with £14000/year fees

A fast-track degree will mean spending less on living costs, but it’ll cost the same as a three-year course and involve giving up your summer break!

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Call for government intervention over ‘outrageous’ VC salaries and luxury expenses

The UCU’s report has been described as an ‘embarrassment’ to universities, and suggests tuition fees are being spent irresponsibly.

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Best automatic savings apps and bots

Can a chatbot really help you manage your cash? These virtual personal accountants are the future of banking, but how do they work?

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Government reveals plans to crack down on essay-writing websites

From autumn 2017, universities will be expected to take a standardised approach to dealing with students who pay for essay-writing services.

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15 tuition fee myths debunked

Student Finance can be a total minefield, but missing the facts can have dire implications. It’s time we debunked some of those myths you’ve been hearing!

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Uni applications fall for the first time since fees tripled

Figures released by UCAS show a 5% decline in applications to UK universities overall, and a 7% decline in applications […]

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Cambridge about to recruit world’s first Lego Professor

The University of Cambridge are currently recruiting for what sounds like every student’s dream job – and with a salary to match!

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First class degrees at a record high for UK students

Almost a quarter of UK students graduated with a first class degree last year. But is it getting easier, or are students just working harder for their degrees?

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A no-nonsense guide to MOOCs

Massive Open Online Courses offer university-level tuition online to anyone who’s game – completely free of charge. But are they worth your time?

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Aldi steals title of highest-paying supermarket in the UK

Aldi has just overtaken Lidl as the highest-paying supermarket in the UK. So, where do we sign up?

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Redbrick uni to lower entry requirements for poorer students

The University of Bristol will be lowering entry requirements for local applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds, in a quest to diversify student intake.

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87% of students kept in the dark about tuition fee hikes

Not enough is being done to inform students about proposed tuition fee hikes, as 87% of you tell us you know next to nothing about why fees are going up.

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