Getting student council tax exemption

Student Council TaxIt’s a bit of a shock receiving a council tax bill through your front door when you’re not expecting it, especially if it’s in excess of £700 as mine was in September!

Not all students are aware that they do not have to pay council tax and it’s incredibly easy to gain student council tax exemption. In fact it could take you less than 30 minutes.

How to get council tax exemption

The way to go about doing this has changed this year and it’s actually easier than it was previously. In the past you had to get a formal letter from your university confirming that you study there as a student. Now you can directly give your local council your name, student number and the name of your course and they will search for you on a database.

It is okay to send one letter on behalf of all members of the household and as long as all the necessary information is included it will be sufficient for a student council tax exemption.

Who can get a student council tax exemption?

A full student council tax exemption is only valid for households with full-time students only living there. If one of your housemates is not a full-time student then you will get a 25% reduction but not full exemption.

An interesting point to remember is that those working in an apprenticeship that will lead to a qualification at the end can also gain exemption as can others under 25 in full-time training. There are a few exceptions here and it is worth contacting your local council for details or visiting Directgov here.

If you are struggling to get the right contact details for your local council to apply for student council tax exemption then Directgov also has a handy list of contact details that might be worth looking at.

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