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Best value TV packages 2017

Into your TV? It's time to take your programme choices to another dimension by opting for one of the many satellite and cable TV packages out there.


With so many options and offers available to you, it's not always easy to choose which TV package or service provides for best value for what you're after.

On this page we review and compare the best package deals available to students right now, and share a few tips on choosing the right service for you.

If you also need broadband/phone, you'll get better value with TV, phone & broadband bundle deals.

Things to think about first

Freeview TV (or Freesat)

Ever since the UK turned digital, Freeview has been the best and cheapest way to watch hundreds of channels.All you need is a basic Freeview set-top box (roughly £25). You could also upgrade to a Freeview HD box or even a PVR to record live TV.

If you’re in the market for a TV, then go for one with Freeview already built-in (click here to browse on
Freeview BoxFreeview TV

To watch Freeview you will need a TV licence, which you can buy here for around £145.50 a year.

Watching TV without a TV

The cheapest option if you don’t want to buy a TV is watching programmes on your laptop or computer. So long as you’re not watching live TV, you don’t have to pay anything!But you can now watch live TV online through sites and Apps like TV Catch Up, you’ll just need a household TV licence. Once split between your housemates the cost isn’t that much. If you get caught watching live TV without one, the fine can be as much as £1,000 so get it sorted early.

Tips when choosing a package:

  • Know what you watch – Think carefully about the types of programmes you actually watch. There is no point paying for Sky Sports if you rarely watch it.
  • Don’t go overboard – There are loads of extra channels and equipment the companies will try to sell to you. Don’t get sucked into the paid extras. If you don’t want to pay any monthly subscriptions then go for Freeview (see below).
  • Check contract length – Minimum contracts seem to be getting longer these days. Check the length as well as any early termination penalties you might encounter before ordering.
  • Landlord’s consent – If you need a satellite dish installed, you’ll want to check with your landlord first. Most are fine with it, after all having a Sky dish or Virgin Media cable installed can add to the rental appeal for future tenants.

TV Packages Ranked by Best Value

PackageOfferChannelsContractMonthly CostLifetime CostWebsite
Sky TV
Original Bundle
25% Off £75 Credit Info & Review
275+ Including
Sky Atlantic
Sky 1
Sky Sports News
£16.13 £128.56 Breakdown
Over the length of the contract:
Installation: £10
TV: £193.56
Credit: -£75
Visit »
Sky Sports
Sky Sports
25% Off £75 Credit Info & Review
283+ Including
7 Sky Sports
New Sky Sports 5
Original Bundle
£34.50 £364 Breakdown
Over the length of the contract:
Installation: £25
TV: £414
Credit: -£75
Visit »

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